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Selected Features and Developments

November 2018: BOOK REVIEW: Freedom From Wealth By Charles Lowenhaupt
August 2018: A Summary of Tax Reform Changes Affecting Estate and Gift Taxes
January 2018: Charles Lowenhaupt On What the New Tax Law Means for Families of Significant Wealth
December 2017: Why You Can’t Always Trust Incentive Trusts
March 2017: The Trump Effect – How Do We Hedge our Estate Planning Bets in this Unstable Tax Environment?
August 2016: The FLP Valuation Discounts and What It Means For You (The Claws Come Back Out)
February 2016: Bridging the Generation Gap: Siginificant Wealth And Family Dynamics
December 2015: Zuckerberg Example: Demonstrating What The Wealths is For
July 2015: Website Alert—Current Federal Estate Tax Issues (2015)
April 2013: L&C Update—White House Budget
March 2013: Family Office Association—Perspectives on Family Governance
January 2013: L&C Update—The ATRA Tax Law Changes
July 2012: L&C Update—Expiration of EGTRRA Tax Relief
January 2012: L&C Update— Phase-In of 2010 Tax Act Relief
January 2012: Wealth Advisor—The Power of Storytelling
November 2011: L&C Update—Super Committee Developments
October 2011: L&C Update—IRS Inflation Adjustments
March 2008: Family Wealth Report—Perpetuity and the Corporate Trustee
February 2008: Family Wealth Report—Fairness Goes Beyond Sharing Wealth
January 2008: Family Wealth Report— Strategic Philanthropy and Lead Trusts
November 2007: Family Wealth Report—Giving Too Much? Too Much For What?
November 2007: Family Wealth Report—Strategic Philanthropy and the Family Name
September 2007: Family Wealth Report—Tradition In A Multicultural World
December 2006: Families in Business—Releasing the Shackles of Wealth
May 2005: The Deal—Mom and Pop Family Planning
May 2005: Bloomberg Wealth Manager—Buzz About Socially Responsible Investing
February 2004: The Deal—Its Own Reward: Philanthropy
September 2003: The Deal—Sitting Duck: To Be a Trustee
June 2003: The Deal—Forever After: Dynasty Trusts
April 2003: The Deal—Death and Taxes: Repeal of the Estate Tax
December 2003: St Louis Business Journal - Deadline Looms on Split Dollar Policies
December 2002: St Louis Business Journal - The State of Estate Planning